Field of Work

Tax Law

With undeniable experience in judicial and administrative activities, our services consist of the implementation of controls and questioning seeking to reduce the tax burden on national and multinational companies.

With a communion with public and private judicial institutions, we have managed to keep away illegal and unconstitutional acts, bringing the clients effective results in their policies for tax and financial management.

We have services for administration of liabilities, analysis and preparation of legal opinions, execution of tax consultations, adaptation of tax plans, negotiations of special regimes and enhancement of tax breaks.

As an offshoot to the services here carried out, we have also been active in review of the calculation base for the calculation of taxes, especially Government pension contributions and federal gravamens, adding results in areas considered indifferent.

We have also achieved significant activity in the sponsorship of preventive judicial demands and also defense against violation notifications.

With intense processual monitoring together with good techniques, we seek to obtain unique results that are appropriate for each difficulty experienced by the companies.

Blending the experience we have amassed over the years in with the peculiarities of the unequalled specialization of our professional people, we have a distinctive system of monitoring of lawsuits in the different spheres of the Judiciary and the Executive, and here we could mention the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (Supremo Tribunal Federal – STF), the Superior Court of Justice (Superior Tribunal de Justiça– STJ), the Federal Regional Courts (Tribunais Regionais Federais – TRFs) and also the Courts of Justice, as also the Administrative Council for Tax Resources (Conselho Administrativo de Recursos Fiscais – CARF) and the Tax and Contribution Court of São Paulo State (Tribunal de Impostos e Taxas de São Paulo – TIT).


Consulting and Planning

Tax Planning

Because of our familiarity with all areas of tax law, we are able to offer our clients comprehensive fiscal consultation and effective tax planning.  By providing clients with key information, we are able to help business organizations and individuals with fashion tax strategies that fit their particular needs in order to reduce unnecessary tax burdens and maximize financial results.


Our team of legal multidisciplinary specialists has the necessary skills for a complete analysis of a client’s operations. They are equipped to use the firm’s multifaceted collective experience  to develop planning to meet every eventuality in an increasingly complex tax environment.



We have wide experience and expertise in the handling and tackling of issues of an administrative and contentious nature, in the tax and pension fields, with prominent activity in a wide range of organizations and Administration Courts, including Tax Units, the Tax and Contributions Court, the Contributors’ Council, Secretaries of the Brazilian Inland Revenue and also the State Treasuries, pension organizations and many others, in the Municipal, State and Federal Government spheres.

We have professional people with wide knowledge of the legislation and regulations as may apply, depending on the taxing body, as also experience in handling contentious facts and other procedural issues as may arise.

In this regard, we stand out for the excellence and speed in the provision of our services, always seeking satisfactory results and hence the obtaining of benefits for our clients.


Administrative Law

Here we highlight the judicial work concerning the public services that are the objects of the various concessions and privatizations that have taken place in recent years, considering the deregulation programme promoted by the Federal, State and Municipal Governments. On the other hand, we also need to mention the provision of services concerning the obtaining of certificates of good standing (certidões negativas) at different Government organizations.

We have also been active in preventive and contentious judicial advisory services in tender processes and compulsory purchases, as also in the study of the judicial aspects of the issue, redemption and possible judicial questioning of federal, state and municipal Government Bonds.



Advisory services in the analysis of publicity items, hiring, commercial regulations and campaigns, as also activities at CONAR, a respected Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) responsible for the inspection of the ethics of commercial publicity aired in Brazil, according to the Code for Publicity Self-Regulation.

This is a field of activity which includes several branches of the legal profession, particularly business competition and Consumer Law, representing the interests of the clients that range from advertising agencies, advertising companies, or even the communication media that broadcasts commercial publicity.


Business Civil Law


Advisory services provided to individuals or corporations, in the accomplishment of the most varied and complex judicial business developed in the civil and commercial areas, including:

    • Preparation of judicial opinion statements;

    • Appraisal of risks and responsibilities, both contractual and extra-contractual;

    • Analysis of facts and documents for the celebration of contracts;

    • Appreciation of the general conditions for the prevention or proposal of actions or for the elaboration of defense cases in judicial procedures and administrative procedures;

    • Advisory services in the purchase and sale of movable and fixed goods;

    • Contracts of purchase and sale of movable and fixed goods;

    • Contracts for licenses, assignment, use, transfer and other purposes, in relation to intellectual rights;

    • Contracts for service provision.



A service for prevention, defense and solution of possible litigation in the civil, business and commercial spheres, which is carried out before the Judiciary Power, the different institutions within the Federal, State and Municipal Governments, arbitration decisions and within the extrajudicial sphere, among others.

We also monitor bankruptcy and receivership processes, including certifications and requests for restitution of goods, as well as debt collection activities, protest suspension writs, protest annulment procedures, monitoring and execution. We are also qualified to obtain matriculations, registrations in the Boards of Trade of the main States of the Brazilian Federation, as well as filings, certificates, registrations and licenses.


Corporation Law

Advisory services in the planning and structuring of company business and activities, as well as establishment of corporate societies, organization of joint ventures, associations, foundations, and any other activities inherent to corporation law:

      ·         Consultancy in the processes for drawing up, changing and consolidation of contracts and Articles of Incorporation, agreements between shareholders, minutes of meetings and other corporate documents;

      ·         Projects for Mergers and Acquisitions, purchase and sale of stakes in companies, as also goods and assets; planning and implementation of corporate reorganizations, negotiation of agreements between shareholders/quota holders, legal audits (due diligence), mergers, spin-offs and transformations, among others, as well as corporate plans for successions;

      ·         Execution of judicial audits (due diligence);

      ·         Constitution and restructuring of companies and Legal Departments;

      ·         Negotiations and Renegotiations of Liabilities.