The Managing Partner of the office, Mr Emsenhuber is a lawyer with specialization in Tax Law obtained from Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo (PUC/SP), this also being the institution from where Mr Emsenhuber graduated. He has been active in the areas of tax and corporate law for more than twenty years. He has worked for large multinational companies, always adding to his professional profile values and concepts that make it possible to have a view of the real needs of corporations served by the law firm. The relationship thus developed and the experience acquired in work conducted throughout the country really qualify this professional person in the provision of advisory services and also implementation of projects for tax breaks, obtaining special regimes, and other issues concerning corporation law.



A lawyer graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Mr Toro was also a professor of Civil Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo (PUC-SP) between 1980 and 1996. He also pursued master’s degree studies in Civil Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo (PUC-SP). Has specialization in Administrative Law, Public Law and Corporation Law from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo (PUC-SP). For 14 years he was on the board of the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (Conselho Nacional de Autorregulamentação Publicitária – CONAR). Formerly Director of the Brazilian Institute for the Study of Competition, Consumption and International Trade (Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Concorrência, Consumo e Comércio Internacional - IBRAC). Director of the Brazilian Association of Advertisers (Associação Brasileira de Anunciantes - ABA). President of the 1st Chamber of the Ethics Committee of the Executive Standard Norms Council (Conselho Executivo das Normas-Padrão – CENP). He was also the Legal and Corporate Director at Pirelli, of the Telecom Itália Group, as well as Santista Alimentos, Colgate-Palmolive, and Alpargatas, among others.



Mr Viana is a graduate lawyer who qualified from the Faculty of Law from the Universidade de São Paulo (USP). He has concentrated his studies as a specialist in the fields of Public Law and Civil Processual Law. He is active in judicial and administrative lawsuits, preparation of legal opinions, statements and processual documents. In the last few years, he has amassed significant experience through the analysis and implementation of innovative judicial and processual strategies, in favor of companies with different profiles. Among other items, he co-ordinates the work for the review of procedures and also the restructuring of the administration policy for judicial affairs for medium to large clients.



Mr Feitosa is a lawyer who graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (class of 2005), currently pursuing his master’s degree in Tax Law at Universidade de São Paulo. He is qualified to participate in administrative and judicial contentious work, as also in the preparation of legal opinions and opinion statements about tax matters.



Mr Tavares is a lawyer graduated from the Faculty of Law of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He is dedicated to contentious work in the tax area, both in the judicial and administrative spheres, with an emphasis on the preparation of legal opinions, opinion statements, and legal briefs, always working towards speed and efficiency through the adoption of the judicial and processual strategies which are most beneficial to the interests of the clients.



Legal Attorney, graduated from Faculdade de Direito do Largo de São Francisco - University of São Paulo (USP), Post-graduation in Accounting and Financial Management from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado - FAAP. Performs in the area of tax law, specifically in administrative and legal suits, and in the elaboration of legal reports and opinions


Ms Santana graduated in Law at the Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília – IESB. She is based at the unit in Brasília/DF, working in the judicial and administrative spheres, with an emphasis on the higher courts. She is now dedicating herself to the graduate studies courses in Civil Procedure offered by the Instituto de Direito Público de Brasília – IDP and also the Professor Gilmar Mendes Research Group in Constitutionality Control.


Attorney-at-law graduated from the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC / SP). Working in the tax area, the administrative and judicial spheres, focusing on drafting petitions and giving legal opinions.